Moab Lodging in Autumn

Looking for Moab lodging in Autumn can be a challenge unless you start planning far in advance. September and October are two of the busiest months of the year. The weather is exceptionally pleasant making it a wonderful time to visit Moab. Things tend to slow down a bit in November, but personally that is our favorite time of autumn to visit Moab.

The high season crowds have thinned out and prices drop as you move deeper into autumn. Early December is actually a great time to explore Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Generally, there is little to no snow, the skies are clear and the temperatures cool. If you dress in layers you will be really comfortable. While the mornings start out quite chilly, you get the benefit of not having other people in your photographs.

If you are looking for Moab lodging in autumn the condo in Moab is a great place to make your home base. There are 3 nice sized bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and a fully stocked kitchen that any chef would love. The dining room table seats 6 and there are 3 seats at the breakfast bar. Enjoy beautiful views of the mountains and / or red rock scenery from every room in the condo.

Please keep in mind that overnight temperatures can drop well below freezing this time of year. That means there could be black ice on the roads early in the morning. If you are going to be driving before 10 AM be extra careful and leave lots of room between you and the cars around you.

There is a very pleasant walk you can do this time of year that starts in the center of Moab. This particular trail follows the creek in 2 different directions. Whether you go East or West is a personal choice but you can’t get lost on this little stroll which seems more woodsy than desert like.

Moab lodging in autumn is often booked many months in advance. Now is a good time to start your trip planning for the fall of 2023.

Moab Lodging In Autumn - View from Master Bedroom
Moab Lodging In Autumn – View from Master Bedroom

Flash Flood in Moab

There was a spectacular flash flood in Moab recently. We typically get some heavy monsoon type rainstorms during the summer months. But this particular downpour shocked even longtime residents. A tremendous amount of rain fell in a very short time. This resulted in creeks overflowing their banks with water, mud and debris flowing through the center of town.

Fortunately, the condo in Moab is at a slightly higher elevation than the downtown area. So, there were no problems or water damage at the condo. The entire complex remains in great shape. This is good news because it can be difficult to clear mud from the swimming pool.

Many parts of the desert Southwest along with Texas have experienced significant rainfall in the past week. Dallas Texas suffered through a thousand year flood. Roads were inundated and some sections of the freeway had to be closed temporarily.

It’s very important to keep an eye on the sky this time of year. Rainstorms that are 20 or 30 miles away can still cause flash floods and take you by surprise. If you see lightning or hear thunder it’s best to find shelter in a safe place.

If you are caught in a flash flood in Moab the most important thing is to race to higher ground immediately. This could mean scrambling up a very steep hill to escape the floodwaters. If you are in a narrow canyon things can get treacherous very quickly. Look for a place where you can safely ascend out of the canyon. In a worst-case scenario you might have to hunt around for a large log. This will become your flotation device in the event you are caught in rushing water.

The downtown area was particularly hard hit by this latest flash flood in Moab. Shopkeepers and restaurant owners will be cleaning up for a while. It’s just one of those aspects of desert living that can make life adventurous.

Flash Flood in Moab - Moonflower Canyon
Flash Flood in Moab – Moonflower Canyon

Moab Summer Activities

Moab summer activities generally require an early morning start to avoid the midday heat. While it’s nice to spend time hanging out at the swimming pool, there is so much beautiful scenery to enjoy nearby. In the desert, temperatures tend to drop quite a bit at night. This makes the early morning a wonderful time to head out and enjoy some Moab summer activities.

Getting an early start on your 4 wheeling off-road adventure is a lot more fun without the blazing sun overhead. Daytime temperatures often reach triple digits. This means you need to bring a lot of water even if you’re going on just a short journey. If you don’t have a roof or canopy on your vehicle, make sure to wear a hat that has a neck strap. You don’t want your hat flying off and exposing your bare head this time of year.

Don’t forget to bring an ample supply of food in your cooler. Once you venture out into the backcountry or even to a place like Arches National Park, there won’t be any concessions or stores. Even Canyonlands National Park has little to no food available for purchase. Try to avoid foods that contain a lot of sugar or salt. While they might taste good, they are not the best thing for your bloodstream this time of year.

Rock climbing enthusiasts will definitely want to start around the time the sun comes up. Planning shorter trips on the red rocks will be to your advantage.. Save the longer routes for spring and fall so you won’t bake in the sun.

Golf is another one of the Moab summer activities that is best started early in the day. You might want to plan on playing only 9 holes instead of 18. Think about taking a cart instead of walking this time of year. Even though we love to walk when playing golf, the summer sun can drain your energy quickly.

Moab Summer Activities Like Hiking are Best Started Early in the Day
Moab Summer Activities Like Hiking are Best Started Early in the Day

Moab Real Estate

The Moab real estate market has been in a solid uptrend for the past several years. With demand high and supply low, prices continue to move in the upward direction.  This has been especially true for the condo in Moab. After enjoying this beautiful property and earning significant vacation rental income I’ve decided it’s time to sell.

Why am I selling you may ask? My travels around the world have taken me to Europe and Asia numerous times in the past 4 years. I was hoping to stay at the condo more frequently. But the strong bookings and my travel schedule have limited my ability to enjoy the property with its spectacular views of the red rock scenery.

The property has been beautifully maintained along with receiving some nice upgrades since it was 1st constructed. The incredible views of the red rock scenery and La Sal Mountains are not going away. And this property has arguably the finest views of any condo in the complex, which is why I purchased it in the 1st place.

The condo in Moab is being offered fully furnished including all of the art and decorations. Everything in the kitchen (which is extremely well-stocked) goes along with the sale of the property. You can literally show up with your suitcase and the only thing you will need to do is stop at the supermarket.

My property manager at Makenna’s Gold Rentals has done a fabulous job with marketing and managing the vacation rentals. A big thank you to Nicole and Lacie for all of their hard work and diligence to stay on top of things and keep the vacation renters happy.

My real estate broker Dave Bierschied also deserves a shout out for everything he has done over the years to make the property a success. I met him before the condo was ever constructed and we walked the raw land together. After looking at the architectural plans I decided on this particular unit specifically because it has such a spectacular view and great location in the complex.

Situated just a stone’s throw away from the pool, spa, tennis and basketball court for easy access to everything. The oversized two-car garage and spacious storage room are bonuses that any owner would appreciate. If you are interested in purchasing the condo in Moab please contact Dave directly at Moab Realty.  I’ll miss enjoying this fine piece of Moab Real Estate.  But I know that I can always return to the area when I want to partake of a slice of the red rock scenery.

Moab Real Estate A Walk Through Arches National Park
Moab Real Estate – A Walk Through Arches National Park

Moab and National Parks

When you think of Moab and national parks the amazing red rock scenery and spectacular canyons come to mind. The unique rock formations in Arches National Park are unlike anything seen elsewhere in the world. In just one day you can see dozens of uniquely shaped Arches. The road through the park provides easy access to beautiful viewpoints and short walking trails.

But Arches National Park is being loved to death. As a result of enormous visitor lines, the National Park Service has instituted a timed entry system. Anyone arriving between April 3 and October 3, 2022 will need to make a reservation in advance. Click Here to Read the NPS Info

Weather this time of year has been all over the place. High temperatures will range from in the 60s on Tuesday up to near 90 at the end of the week. The sun is getting higher in the sky every day. And there is not a lot of shade to be found outside of town. The desert is beautiful but a person can easily get dehydrated this time of year. Always have water with you when you are visiting the parks. It’s not readily available like in many other national parks.

This Moab and National Parks update would not be complete without a friendly food reminder. You’re not going to find any food available for purchase in Arches National Park. Occasionally you might find very limited snack and lunch items in one location in Canyonlands National Park.

It’s a good idea to bring all the food you will need for the day with you when departing the Condo in Moab. If you haven’t already stocked the fridge, the city market is on the right-hand side of the highway as you head north to the national parks. You’ll find everything you need to feast on during your travels each day through red rock country. Make sure you stock up on plenty of liquids and don’t forget ice for the cooler.

This Moab and National Parks update would not be complete without mentioning Spumoni. On May 10 it will be 16 years since he passed away.  There will be a dedication ceremony of his new statue at UC Davis on May 10th.  Enjoy the photos below and say a prayer for Spumoni on the 10th of May at 10 a.m.

Moab and The National Parks Will Never
Be The Same Without Spumoni

Moab Vacation Planning

When you are doing Moab vacation planning there are a number of things to consider. What are the primary activities you are hoping to enjoy? What time of year do you want to visit red rock country? Are you looking for peace and quiet or coming for 1 of the big events?

There are so many variables that Moab vacation planning takes a little bit of time if you want to have the best experience. We are now coming into the busiest time of year. Most properties are fully booked for the month of April and dates are disappearing rapidly in May. The ideal situation is to make lodging reservations as far in advance as possible. Then you can always plan your activities as you get closer to your arrival date.

Moab Activities

When it comes to river rafting, Moab vacation planning takes on a whole new dimension. You sometimes need to make reservations for trips down the Colorado River anywhere from 1 to 4 years in advance. This all depends on the type of journey you are planning along with entry and exit points.

If going off road is your thing, there are a couple of weeks every year with big festivals. Mid to late April brings the annual Jeep Week. So, if you are hoping to attend this event it’s not uncommon to see people book their Moab lodging one year in advance.

Where you are coming from also makes a big difference in doing Moab vacation planning. There is a local airport. But it does not operate all year-round. Sometimes it’s easier and cheaper just to fly into Grand Junction Colorado and rent a car. It takes about 90 minutes in normal traffic to get to the condo in Moab from the Grand Junction airport. But you should add a little bit of time if you are coming shortly before or during 1 of the big events.

If you want to enjoy the red rock scenery without the crowds then your best bet is to come to Moab between November and early March. Be advised that snow occasionally dusts the landscape during the winter months. Canyonlands and Arches National Parks will still be open, but some of the hiking trails could require winter traction on your footwear.

If you are totally undecided about what to do when you arrive in Moab, the local visitor center has some great resources. Staff is very friendly and can provide tips and information on recreational activities.

Moab Vacation Planning - Hiking among the red rocks
Moab Vacation Planning – Hiking Among the Red Rocks

Spumoni in Moab

The Spirit of Spumoni in Moab will be here for a couple of weeks. After 7 weeks of skiing at Alta, Snowbird, Park City and Steamboat Springs it’s time to warm up a little bit.

The 1st 2 weeks of March are a wonderful time to be in Moab Utah. The little bit of snow has pretty much melted off and springtime weather is upon us. The red rock scenery is absolutely spectacular this time of year. And tourists are few and far between. This means you don’t have to suffer from the roar of ATVs, UTVs or other types of off-highway vehicles.

If you have never visited Moab it’s hard to describe the rugged beauty that permeates everywhere. There are 2 fantastic national parks Arches and Canyonlands. But you also get a fabulous contrast with the snowcapped LaSal Mountains.  This is a scenic wonder unlike anything else in America. Dramatic snow-covered mountains with green foothills rising up to 12,000+ feet with the red rock scenery below.

This is the time of year when Moab starts to come alive. Many businesses that were shuttered during the wintertime re-open during the beginning of March. Local service businesses are in full swing preparing vacation rental properties for the coming onslaught of visitors. It’s a rare time that I can enjoy the condo in Moab without having to wait in line at the supermarket, gas station or local stores.

I think living with Spumoni in Moab would have been a great experience. He would have really liked living at the condo in Moab. It has all the things that he wanted in a nice home. Big windows with lots of sunshine, stairs to run up and down and a spacious great room to play in. There is also a comfortable king-size bed in the master suite that provides a great view of the red rock scenery.

Thinking about Spumoni in Moab brings back so many good memories. Next week I will go to Canyonlands National Park and do the hike to Spumoni Point. Sitting in that peaceful spot overlooking the vast canyon is a very special place to remember Spumoni and honor his memory.

Spumoni in Moab Would Have Been a Wonderful Experience
Spumoni in Moab Would Have Been a Wonderful Experience

Activities in Moab

There are a wide variety of activities in Moab to choose from when planning a trip to red rock country. Many visitors just come to see the sights in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. There are a lot of short hikes you can do to reach fabulous viewpoints. It’s almost a misnomer to call many of these short walks hikes. Because there are a number of places where you can park your car and walk less than 200 yards to enjoy spectacular views.

If you have time, the hike to Grand View in Canyonlands is quite rewarding. It’s a little over 1 mile one-way to the end of the trail. You will be treated to a spectacular birdseye view! This trail is relatively flat and easy to follow.

One of our favorites in Arches National Park is the area called Devil’s Garden. It’s located at the end of the road about 22 miles from the entrance station. You will find a large parking area, restrooms and a handful of picnic tables. The main path takes you to several different arches. You can wander as long as you want but doing the full trip to the end of the trail and back to the parking lot will take several hours.

Many visitors plan their activities in Moab around motorized trips into the backcountry. Whether you have a 4 wheel drive car, SUV, ATV, UTV or other recreational vehicle there are a huge variety of routes to choose. We recommend that you research and plan off road trips very carefully. Some of the backcountry roads are extremely challenging. The best analogy is similar to skiing. You have beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert trails. Please be careful to stay within your skill set and slowly increase the level of challenge. Cell phones don’t always work in the backcountry and you might find yourself stuck in some remote spot waiting a very long time for help.

Other activities in Moab that are very popular include river rafting, zip lining, golf and mountain biking. People come from all over the world to go mountain biking in Moab. Whether you are looking for a casual cruise in the desert or extreme challenges on the slick rock you won’t be disappointed. There are several local shops that provide sales, rentals and service for mountain bikes. They can also tell you about the latest trail conditions and other helpful information.

Activities in Moab - Arch in Devil's Garden
Activities in Moab – Hiking to Arches in Devil’s Garden

Moab Vacation Ideas for 2022

When planning your Moab vacation ideas for 2022 there are many things to consider. First and foremost is what time of year do you want to visit. If you want to avoid the crowds then July, August, November and December are best. While it can get hot in the summer time, the swimming pool in the condo complex is a great place to cool off.

Also, you get long sunny days in July and August with relatively cool mornings and nights. For early birds, getting up shortly after sunrise puts you in great position to enjoy the red rock scenery. Those evening barbecues outside on the patio can be enjoyed as you watch the gorgeous sunsets.

November and December bring much cooler weather. But the low angle of the sun makes those brilliant colors perfect for photographs. With so few people visiting in late autumn, you can get large sections of the national parks to yourself. Just remember to bring clothing you can wear in layers. Don’t forget a hat and gloves!

For many people their Moab vacation ideas center around some of the big off-roading events. There is always one week in April designated as “Jeep Week.”  Literally thousands of four-wheel-drive enthusiasts descend on Moab with every type of off-road vehicle imaginable.  Calling it Jeep Week is now a bit of a misnomer with the enormous variety of OHVs, ATVs, UTVs, etc.

If your Moab vacation ideas lead you to plan a trip in early autumn you will be blessed with fine weather. September and October are very popular times and guests should book their reservations far in advance.

Springtime visitors planning to arrive between mid-March and late June should also consider booking the condo in Moab well ahead. With the trees turning green, wildflowers bursting and creeks running it’s a wonderful time to visit.

No matter what time of year you choose to stay at the condo in Moab you will find comfortable accommodations and a well-stocked kitchen. The City Market supermarket is only 5 minutes away. It has everything you need to make delicious meals.

So, put together your Moab vacation ideas for 2022 and enjoy a wonderful stay at the condo in Moab. You’ll find lots of great activities to enjoy anytime of the year!

Moab Vacation Ideas Balanced Rock
Moab Vacation Ideas – Balanced Rock in Arches National Park

Moab in Winter

Moab in winter can be a beautiful place. Cold, but very beautiful. The sun is at the lowest angle of the year. This really brings out the colors in the red rock scenery to its most dramatic level. While the days are short you don’t have to get up early to take fabulous sunrise photos.

Many people come to Moab in winter specifically to take photographs without people in them. That is a virtually impossible feat from March to November. Visitors during busy season arrive at Arches and Canyonlands National Parks early in the day. Trying to get a photograph of any of the beautiful Arches without other people in the view is really a challenge.

It’s also important to pay attention to time of day and location of the sun. The ideal situation is to shoot with the sun behind you at a relatively low angle. But unless you are a frequent visitor to Arches National Park trying to plan the timing for any particular photograph will be difficult.

We recommend that you do a scouting trip sometime during the week prior to your photographic journey in winter. This way you can be sure that the sun will be in the proper position. Be extra careful of shadows this time of year. With the sun behind you and very low in the sky your shadow can inadvertently windup in the picture.

When there is a little bit of snow on the arches and surrounding scenery it makes for elegant contrast. A touch of white on top of the red rock formations adds greatly to the depth and richness.

Make sure you bundle up in layers and have excellent footwear when coming to Moab. Insulated winter boots that you supplement with traction such as micro spikes, Yak Trax etc. make winter travel a lot safer.  Be extremely careful when traveling on snow and ice whether you are walking or driving. The local hospital gets new patients every day from accidents in winter.

Moab in winter can be a really special time. The lack of crowds combined with the beautiful scenery can be very rewarding.  Just be careful of snow and ice, dress warmly and enjoy the place to yourself and the few other brave souls you meet.

Moab in Winter arch with snow
Moab in Winter – Arch with snow