Moab Vacation Planning

When you are doing Moab vacation planning there are a number of things to consider. What are the primary activities you are hoping to enjoy? What time of year do you want to visit red rock country? Are you looking for peace and quiet or coming for 1 of the big events?

There are so many variables that Moab vacation planning takes a little bit of time if you want to have the best experience. We are now coming into the busiest time of year. Most properties are fully booked for the month of April and dates are disappearing rapidly in May. The ideal situation is to make lodging reservations as far in advance as possible. Then you can always plan your activities as you get closer to your arrival date.

Moab Activities

When it comes to river rafting, Moab vacation planning takes on a whole new dimension. You sometimes need to make reservations for trips down the Colorado River anywhere from 1 to 4 years in advance. This all depends on the type of journey you are planning along with entry and exit points.

If going off road is your thing, there are a couple of weeks every year with big festivals. Mid to late April brings the annual Jeep Week. So, if you are hoping to attend this event it’s not uncommon to see people book their Moab lodging one year in advance.

Where you are coming from also makes a big difference in doing Moab vacation planning. There is a local airport. But it does not operate all year-round. Sometimes it’s easier and cheaper just to fly into Grand Junction Colorado and rent a car. It takes about 90 minutes in normal traffic to get to the condo in Moab from the Grand Junction airport. But you should add a little bit of time if you are coming shortly before or during 1 of the big events.

If you want to enjoy the red rock scenery without the crowds then your best bet is to come to Moab between November and early March. Be advised that snow occasionally dusts the landscape during the winter months. Canyonlands and Arches National Parks will still be open, but some of the hiking trails could require winter traction on your footwear.

If you are totally undecided about what to do when you arrive in Moab, the local visitor center has some great resources. Staff is very friendly and can provide tips and information on recreational activities.

Moab Vacation Planning - Hiking among the red rocks
Moab Vacation Planning – Hiking Among the Red Rocks