Condo in Moab Blog Mid June

Now that Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park have reopened to the public, the condo in Moab is seeing a lot more activity.  Visitors to Arches National Park may soon find themselves having to use a reservation system. The first day that it opened on May 29 the entrance had to be shut at 9 AM due to the overwhelming crowds.

Hopefully, the National Park Service will get a reservation system set up ASAP. During the busy season this is the only way to manage the crowds. Having endless lines of traffic backing up onto the highway is never a good thing. While it’s nice to see visitors coming back and feeding the local economy everyone has to remember that there is still a pandemic going on.

When you stay at the condo in Moab everything should be spotlessly clean upon your arrival. We have ample amounts of hand soap, detergent and cleansers and encourage frequent handwashing for all of our guests.

Please wear a mask when you go to the store or are in public places. Moab is a very small community with a tiny hospital that only has 11 beds. We simply can’t handle any type of demand for treating COVID 19 patients if there were to be an outbreak in our community. 

Since 25% to 50% of all people with the coronavirus are asymptomatic you can spread the virus easily and not even know it. Wearing a mask shows respect for everyone around you and we need to protect each other.

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We want everyone to have a great time when they stay at the condo in Moab. If you see anything that you feel needs attention please contact our property manager. You can find their contact information on the kitchen counter. They are very responsive and will make sure that anything that needs to be addressed will be attended to quickly.

Condo in Moab - April along the creek
Condo in Moab – April along the creek