Moab Condo Rental Update

A heat wave is arriving this week at the Moab condo rental. We anticipate temperatures around 105° or even a little bit higher in the late afternoon. There is a slight threat of thunderstorms mainly in the mountains. But downslope winds can become rather forceful with little warning. Please remember that a thunderstorm in the distance can result in a flash flood many miles away from the source.

After a moderately quiet August it looks like things will be pretty busy at the Moab condo in September and October. There are still some dates available so check the calendar and book your stay before it’s too late.

The biggest news at the moment is that the Bureau of Land Management has decided to remove all of the land near Moab from an upcoming lease sale for oil and gas exploration. The local population was overwhelmingly against leasing BLM land near Moab because of the negative impact it would have on recreation and quality-of-life.  The article in the Moab Sun does a great job of explaining the entire story.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted comments to the BLM opposing the leasing of this land.  The long-term negative consequences for both the environment and the local economy would have been devastating. Can you imagine driving through town and on both the north and south ends seeing oil and gas rigs? What about the toxic fumes and the terrible smell that would permeate our pristine desert air?

One of our biggest concerns is that you would been able to see, hear and smell the oil and gas operations from the Moab condo rental. Instead of enjoying a nice relaxing trip to red rock country guests would’ve been wearing earplugs and keeping the windows closed.  Thank goodness

we won’t have to go through that experience.

In regards to the coronavirus situation Moab has generally been a much safer place than most of the country. However, we are sad to record the first death from the coronavirus in Moab. It was a local resident over the age of 85 who succumbed to this tragic disease.  If you have any concerns about any type of illness but especially the coronavirus please visit our local health clinic ASAP.

Moab condo creek scene
Moab Condo – A quiet spot along the creek of Hwy 128 near Castle Valley