Flash Flood in Moab

There was a spectacular flash flood in Moab recently. We typically get some heavy monsoon type rainstorms during the summer months. But this particular downpour shocked even longtime residents. A tremendous amount of rain fell in a very short time. This resulted in creeks overflowing their banks with water, mud and debris flowing through the center of town.

Fortunately, the condo in Moab is at a slightly higher elevation than the downtown area. So, there were no problems or water damage at the condo. The entire complex remains in great shape. This is good news because it can be difficult to clear mud from the swimming pool.

Many parts of the desert Southwest along with Texas have experienced significant rainfall in the past week. Dallas Texas suffered through a thousand year flood. Roads were inundated and some sections of the freeway had to be closed temporarily.

It’s very important to keep an eye on the sky this time of year. Rainstorms that are 20 or 30 miles away can still cause flash floods and take you by surprise. If you see lightning or hear thunder it’s best to find shelter in a safe place.

If you are caught in a flash flood in Moab the most important thing is to race to higher ground immediately. This could mean scrambling up a very steep hill to escape the floodwaters. If you are in a narrow canyon things can get treacherous very quickly. Look for a place where you can safely ascend out of the canyon. In a worst-case scenario you might have to hunt around for a large log. This will become your flotation device in the event you are caught in rushing water.

The downtown area was particularly hard hit by this latest flash flood in Moab. Shopkeepers and restaurant owners will be cleaning up for a while. It’s just one of those aspects of desert living that can make life adventurous.

Flash Flood in Moab - Moonflower Canyon
Flash Flood in Moab – Moonflower Canyon