Condo in Moab 2020

Happy New Year from the condo in Moab!  It’s that time of year when things slow down in Moab. While the days might be getting longer, we are still a good two months away from the traditional start of the visitor season.

However, if you don’t mind the cold weather then January and February are a nice time to visit Moab. You won’t find any crowds at the supermarket, restaurants or the national parks. Many of the restaurants and retail stores remain closed until mid to late February. But if you are coming for the beautiful scenery, this time of year provides you with the most brilliant colors.

With the sun very low in the sky the red rock scenery takes on a whole new light. You will get to see colors and variations in the rock formations that are not as apparent when the sun is high in the sky later in the year. Photographers especially appreciate the early morning light yet they don’t have to get up at 5 AM. Sunrise photos are beautiful in winter. Just make sure that you dress warmly as mornings in January tend to be quite chilly.

It looks like reasonably nice weather at the condo in Moab this week. However night times will be in the teens with daytime highs only in the 30s. A little bit of snow is expected at higher elevations but then things clear up quickly. If you are driving early in the morning this time of year watch out for black ice. You don’t need any precipitation to get enough condensation on the roads with temperatures dropping well below freezing each night. Unfortunately, black ice is almost impossible to see. It’s better to slow down and not make sudden moves. This means breaking and accelerating slowly and carefully along with making cautious lane changes.

Condo in Moab - Red Rock Scenery in Winter
Condo in Moab – Red Rock Scenery in Winter