Moab Summer Activities

Moab summer activities generally require an early morning start to avoid the midday heat. While it’s nice to spend time hanging out at the swimming pool, there is so much beautiful scenery to enjoy nearby. In the desert, temperatures tend to drop quite a bit at night. This makes the early morning a wonderful time to head out and enjoy some Moab summer activities.

Getting an early start on your 4 wheeling off-road adventure is a lot more fun without the blazing sun overhead. Daytime temperatures often reach triple digits. This means you need to bring a lot of water even if you’re going on just a short journey. If you don’t have a roof or canopy on your vehicle, make sure to wear a hat that has a neck strap. You don’t want your hat flying off and exposing your bare head this time of year.

Don’t forget to bring an ample supply of food in your cooler. Once you venture out into the backcountry or even to a place like Arches National Park, there won’t be any concessions or stores. Even Canyonlands National Park has little to no food available for purchase. Try to avoid foods that contain a lot of sugar or salt. While they might taste good, they are not the best thing for your bloodstream this time of year.

Rock climbing enthusiasts will definitely want to start around the time the sun comes up. Planning shorter trips on the red rocks will be to your advantage.. Save the longer routes for spring and fall so you won’t bake in the sun.

Golf is another one of the Moab summer activities that is best started early in the day. You might want to plan on playing only 9 holes instead of 18. Think about taking a cart instead of walking this time of year. Even though we love to walk when playing golf, the summer sun can drain your energy quickly.

Moab Summer Activities Like Hiking are Best Started Early in the Day
Moab Summer Activities Like Hiking are Best Started Early in the Day