Moab Trip December 2020

It’s been a remarkably beautiful autumn for a Moab trip.  This week we are enjoying beautiful sunny skies and daytime temperatures in the 50s. While the nights are dipping below freezing, the stars are absolutely spectacular! Anyone who got to see the full moon rising was in for a real treat.

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The second half of December is completely booked up but there are still open dates early in the month. Even though the pandemic continues to raise around the world we have seen relatively few cases in canyon country. Restaurants are still open but bars are closing at 10 PM each night. Hopefully we will not have to endure any further restrictions like the ones being implemented in California and some other states.

If you have to suffer through a pandemic there are few places on earth where you can enjoy the outdoors like here in Moab. This time of year the sun continues to drop lower in the sky which really brings out the gorgeous colors in the red rock scenery at Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.

Photography buffs taking a Moab trip will find that this is the best time of year to shoot pictures of the landscape. If we get a little bit of snow later this month or in January it really helps with the contrast. There are so many dramatic rock formations that you really never run out of places to photograph or explore.

We are already starting to see bookings at the condo in Moab for the spring of 2021. Anyone contemplating a vacation next year should think about making reservations now so you don’t get aced out. The most popular weeks from the middle of March until the end of June tend to fill up quickly.

Beside the still photos on this website you can also see a virtual tour which will give you a great feel for the property and the view.

Stay safe and best wishes to everyone for a happy and healthy holiday season.

Moab Trip - Photo December 2018 After 1st Snowfall
Moab Trip – Photo December 2018 After 1st Snowfall