This page is a tribute to my wonderful and dearly departed cat Spumoni. He was my loyal and loving companion from April 1992 until he passed away at the age of 14 on May 10, 2006.

Spumoni the Cat age 8

Everyone who met Spumoni thought he was a person trapped in the body of a cat. Unlike most cats who tend to be rather aloof, Spumoni loved people. He always wanted to be part of the action and spent most of his time close to me or Tanya (my former wife).

Whenever I would come home from work or running errands Spumoni would be there to greet me at the door. Often he would raise up on his hind legs and put his front paws up as if reaching up to hug me.

Spumoni the Cat and Tiger together

Spumoni was quite an athlete! He could jump from the floor to the top of a door and perch up there like a hawk looking for prey. In one leap he would go from the floor to the top of the refrigerator; another one of his favorite places to hang out.

He even taught himself how to turn a knob to open a door. I would not have believed this if I’d not seen him do it many times after surprising me one evening. Spumoni would jump up and grab the door knob with both front paws on either side, then quickly give the knob a twist. The door would pop open and then he’d dash into the room. He would have loved the condo in Moab with all the space and stairs to run up and down.

Spumoni the Cat and Tiger

Thank you Spumoni for 14 years of wonderful memories that will last for eternity. You were a friend to all and the best companion anyone could hope to have.

When you visit Canyonlands National Park there is a special vista about 100 yards off the Grand View Trail without any name that I have dubbed Spumoni Point. Here is a picture of the view, if you can find this quiet spot it’s a great place to reflect on the short time we have here on earth and how much we miss our loved ones…

Spumoni Point Canyonlands National Park
View from Spumoni Point at Canyonlands National Park