Moab in Summer

It can get pretty hot in Moab in Summer. The sun moves high in the sky and high pressure ridges over the inter-mountain west can lead to long stretches of hot weather. This week we anticipate temperatures to exceed 100F pretty much everyday.

Fortunately, the desert does not hold the heat very well. So, when the sun goes down the temps tend to drop fairly quickly. If you come to Moab in summer be prepared for wide swings from sunrise to sunset.

The mornings tend to be pleasant and are a great time for a hike or bike ride. There are so many activities you can enjoy in Moab in Summer. If you like to play golf, start early and finish before noon for the most enjoyment. Off road enthusiasts will want to pack plenty of water along with food and extra fuel. River rafting is in prime season with all of the rivers running higher and faster than normal this year.

So, far we have been lucky to not have smoke from any wildfires invading our area. But, farther north and east in the US the fires in Canada have been wreaking havoc on air quality. It looks like the Canadian wildfires will continue on their record pace until it starts snowing in the fall.

If you come to Moab in Summer you can expect much smaller crowds than in the Spring and Fall. Prime time for visitors to Moab is March through June then September through October. So, while summer visitors endure more heat, they get the benefit of short lines everywhere they go.

The condo in Moab is currently listed for sale on the MLS. If you are interested in learning more about the property please contact my broker Dave Bierschied at Moab Realty. He can provide you with all the information you need and arrange a showing of the condo.

If you come to Moab in Summer just remember to stay out of the mid-day heat. By planning your outdoor activities for the morning or evening you’ll stay cooler and enjoy the experience more!

Moab in Summer