Spumoni in Moab

The Spirit of Spumoni in Moab will be here for a couple of weeks. After 7 weeks of skiing at Alta, Snowbird, Park City and Steamboat Springs it’s time to warm up a little bit.

The 1st 2 weeks of March are a wonderful time to be in Moab Utah. The little bit of snow has pretty much melted off and springtime weather is upon us. The red rock scenery is absolutely spectacular this time of year. And tourists are few and far between. This means you don’t have to suffer from the roar of ATVs, UTVs or other types of off-highway vehicles.

If you have never visited Moab it’s hard to describe the rugged beauty that permeates everywhere. There are 2 fantastic national parks Arches and Canyonlands. But you also get a fabulous contrast with the snowcapped LaSal Mountains.  This is a scenic wonder unlike anything else in America. Dramatic snow-covered mountains with green foothills rising up to 12,000+ feet with the red rock scenery below.

This is the time of year when Moab starts to come alive. Many businesses that were shuttered during the wintertime re-open during the beginning of March. Local service businesses are in full swing preparing vacation rental properties for the coming onslaught of visitors. It’s a rare time that I can enjoy the condo in Moab without having to wait in line at the supermarket, gas station or local stores.

I think living with Spumoni in Moab would have been a great experience. He would have really liked living at the condo in Moab. It has all the things that he wanted in a nice home. Big windows with lots of sunshine, stairs to run up and down and a spacious great room to play in. There is also a comfortable king-size bed in the master suite that provides a great view of the red rock scenery.

Thinking about Spumoni in Moab brings back so many good memories. Next week I will go to Canyonlands National Park and do the hike to Spumoni Point. Sitting in that peaceful spot overlooking the vast canyon is a very special place to remember Spumoni and honor his memory.

Spumoni in Moab Would Have Been a Wonderful Experience
Spumoni in Moab Would Have Been a Wonderful Experience