Activities in Moab

There are a wide variety of activities in Moab to choose from when planning a trip to red rock country. Many visitors just come to see the sights in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. There are a lot of short hikes you can do to reach fabulous viewpoints. It’s almost a misnomer to call many of these short walks hikes. Because there are a number of places where you can park your car and walk less than 200 yards to enjoy spectacular views.

If you have time, the hike to Grand View in Canyonlands is quite rewarding. It’s a little over 1 mile one-way to the end of the trail. You will be treated to a spectacular birdseye view! This trail is relatively flat and easy to follow.

One of our favorites in Arches National Park is the area called Devil’s Garden. It’s located at the end of the road about 22 miles from the entrance station. You will find a large parking area, restrooms and a handful of picnic tables. The main path takes you to several different arches. You can wander as long as you want but doing the full trip to the end of the trail and back to the parking lot will take several hours.

Many visitors plan their activities in Moab around motorized trips into the backcountry. Whether you have a 4 wheel drive car, SUV, ATV, UTV or other recreational vehicle there are a huge variety of routes to choose. We recommend that you research and plan off road trips very carefully. Some of the backcountry roads are extremely challenging. The best analogy is similar to skiing. You have beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert trails. Please be careful to stay within your skill set and slowly increase the level of challenge. Cell phones don’t always work in the backcountry and you might find yourself stuck in some remote spot waiting a very long time for help.

Other activities in Moab that are very popular include river rafting, zip lining, golf and mountain biking. People come from all over the world to go mountain biking in Moab. Whether you are looking for a casual cruise in the desert or extreme challenges on the slick rock you won’t be disappointed. There are several local shops that provide sales, rentals and service for mountain bikes. They can also tell you about the latest trail conditions and other helpful information.

Activities in Moab - Arch in Devil's Garden
Activities in Moab – Hiking to Arches in Devil’s Garden