Booking A Condo In Moab

Are you contemplating booking a condo in Moab? Reservations are filling up fast for the peak weeks during September and October. Along with spring, autumn is the most popular time of year. The weather is still generally quite nice and there is abundant sunshine. The lower angle of the sun makes the red rock scenery even more beautiful.

But, most people get vacation during the summer time.  Since the condo in Moab has air conditioning you may wish to consider visiting in August.  It can get pretty hot outdoors during the middle of the day.  So, that’s a great time to hit the swimming pool and relax.   Most mornings tend to be pleasantly cool. And the balmy evenings are a perfect time to enjoy a barbecue outdoors on the patio.

Clear summer nights make for some fabulous stargazing. You can enjoy the celestial show at the condo. Or for a more spectacular experience take a short drive about 5 minutes south.  That brief journey will get you away from almost all of the ambient light.

If you are feeling a little bit more adventurous you can drive up into the La Sal Mountains. We don’t recommend going there at the present time because of the ongoing Pack Creek Fire.  Once that blaze goes into the history books, stargazing from the side of mountain will again be spectacular.

Booking a condo in Moab is only the 1st step in planning your vacation. We are seeing a lot of visitors to both Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. International travel is still on hold for most people. So, domestic travel is skyrocketing as we get control of the pandemic.

Please keep in mind that many vacation rental companies have a minimum length of stay. But every now and then staying for only a single night might be possible. This is generally true for the hotels. Although, even some of those properties have a 2 night or longer minimum stay during peak periods.

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Booking a Condo in Moab
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