Moab Condo Summer News

Moab Condo Summer News

This edition of the Moab Condo Summer News comes to you as temperatures sizzle in late July.  Triple digits are the norm in July and August. But night times are very pleasant.  There is a slight chance of thunderstorms this week. That would bring welcome relief as long as we don’t get any flash flooding.

The summer monsoon season has resulted in a flash flood warning for much of Arizona. But at the moment the southeast corner of Utah seems to be spared. It’s always good to keep an eye in the sky no matter what the time of year. A thunderstorm 30 miles away can bring flash floods to the canyon you are walking in even if it’s clear and sunny overhead.

Every year visitors unfamiliar with our microclimate find themselves in precarious situations. Never hike alone in the red rock canyons this time of year. With the sun high in the sky and little shade, heat exhaustion can come upon you suddenly. Even if you have plenty of water it’s nice to have others with you who can get help if necessary.

But don’t let any of this scare you away from enjoying red rock country in the summertime. The crowds tend to be smaller. That means you won’t have long waits at the restaurants, supermarkets, bars or gas stations. Also, the supermarkets are stocked full of fresh produce from nearby sources. And the balmy evenings make for wonderful outdoor gatherings and barbecues.

If you are planning to visit Moab in September or October now is the time to make reservations. All of the quality lodging properties are booking up fast. And that includes the condo in Moab.

We will continue to give updates on the Moab Condo Summer News. So check back from time to time to learn the latest info about our community. It’s always a good idea to read the online version of the local newspaper which is the Moab Sun. You’ll find lots of good info along with insights about our community.

That’s it for this edition of the Moab Condo Summer News. Enjoy the beautiful red rock scenery and stay safe!

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