Condo In Moab In August

The annual summer monsoon has been making occasional visits to the condo in Moab recently.  Expect thunderstorms on and off the next several afternoons along with daytime temperatures approaching 100°.  This is typical for this time of year.  So, it’s best to get an early start in the morning to make the most of your outdoor activities.

Photographers know that the best light is usually early or late in the day.  With sunrise being at a little bit more reasonable time now, you can capture those morning photos of the brilliant red rocks.  Once the sun moves high in the sky after 9 AM the colors start to wash out a little bit. 

Sunset photos are great!  But if we get afternoon thunderstorms you may or may not get dramatic colors.  Mother nature can be very fickle.  While the monsoonal moisture and attendant drop in temperature is a welcome relief from triple digit weather, the dark clouds can mask whar would have otherwise been a brilliant sunset.

We are just entering the start of the Perseid meteor shower which is expected to peak around August 12 or 13.  If you go just South of town away from the ambient light you should be able to get a good view of meteors streaking across the sky.  From the condo in Moab head south on the highway for about 10 minutes to escape the local ambient light.  The best hours to view meteors are between midnight and 4 AM when the sky is the darkest.  Make sure you are dressed warmly as desert night time temps can drop significantly, especially under clear skies.

Bookings for the condo in Moab are looking good in September with only a handful of openings.  Labor Day weekend is still available so you may wish to click the link at the start of this paragraph if you’re interested in booking the condo in Moab for those dates.   

condo in moab canyonlands view
Condo In Moab is nor far from Canyonlands National Park