Condo in Moab 7/24/19

The hot summer weather continues at the condo in Moab.  Daytime temperatures are around 100°F and there are occasional thunderstorms especially up in the mountains.  It’s important to keep an eye on the sky this time of year.  Remember, flash floods can occur even if the sky where you are standing is clear and blue.  Rainstorms as much is 40 miles away that you cannot see or hear can trigger flash flooding in both Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.

River rafting is one of the primary forms of recreation this time of year.  There are lots of different rafting companies that can take you on trips from one day to 3 weeks.  Some of the more popular trips take place at various spots along the Colorado River.  However, there are portions of the Green River that are suitable for rafting.

We highly recommend that visitors to the area take a guided raft trip.  Until you become familiar with the changing water levels, rapids and nuances of the canyons it’s much better to have a professional guide on board.

Bookings for the condo in Moab are filling up for September and October.  If you don’t mind the shorter days and cooler weather November is a great time to visit Moab.  All of the shops and restaurants are still open.  And there are far fewer visitors to the national parks.  The sun is at a much lower angle in the sky which makes the colors in the red rocks even more brilliant.

Once we get the first snow of the year (usually late November or early December) many of the shops and restaurants in town close for a few months during winter.  Some of the shopkeepers are avid skiers while other business owners head for Mexico or the Caribbean.  The town is pretty quiet from December through late February.  So, visiting in November gives you the opportunity to avoid the crowds but still enjoy the local sights and great food!

condo in Moab - Natural Bridges
Canyon in Natural Bridges National Monument