Condo in Moab – Jeep Week

It’s a huge week at the condo in Moab!  What is referred to casually as Jeep Week among the locals is actually a Jeep Safari that began in 1967.  The original sponsor was the Moab Chamber of Commerce. The very 1st trail was “Behind the Rocks Trail” (according to legend the road was made by a BLM employee and equipment.)  The “Moab Rim” ride was then added the next year.

What started out as a small local event has grown into an entire week of festivities.  As I was driving out of town last Saturday literally thousands of people were pouring in.  I saw RVs towing trailers with Jeep’s on them.  There were Jeep’s towing camper trailers to sleep in.  Some enormous SUVs were towing enclosed trailers that had one or two off-road vehicles inside.

Every shape and size of Jeep, ATV and OHV was making a veritable parade down Highway 191.  The epicenter of activity is located very close to the condo in Moab at the Spanish Trail Arena.  This facility has plenty of room to handle the registration, raffle, barbecue dinner for the Boy Scouts along with a vendor exposition.  No longer a handful of locals romping in the desert in their OHVs; this is a world-renowned event!

Needless to say the condo in Moab was booked all week and we only have 3 open nights remaining in April; arrival 4/21 – depart 4/24.  In May availability is limited to the following nights: 14, 15, 29, 30, 31.  Since April through June is the peak time during the 1st half of the year, we recommend making reservations as far in advance as possible.

If you missed Jeep Week there is another big event October 24 – 26.  The 19th annual Jeep Jamboree is a fun event during a very pleasant time of the year. 

During my recent visit to the condo in Moab I did a side trip to Natural Bridges National Monument, Valley of the Gods and Monument Valley.  The colors were spectacular although I did run into some snow flurries one morning on the way to Natural Bridges.  These are beautiful places with incredible rock formations that are rarely found anywhere on earth.  If you have time and the weather cooperates it’s definitely worthwhile to spend a day or 2 visiting these natural wonders.

If you decide to make an overnight trip of it I recommend staying at Goulding’s Lodge or The View hotel.  The former is located 1 mile from Highway 191 at the edge of Monument Valley.  The View is actually inside Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.  You’ll find the most amazing views along with a great restaurant, expansive gift shop and friendly staff.

condo in moab - mexican hat
Mexican Hat Rock Formation Near Valley of the Gods – Utah