Condo in Moab – Rainy Day

It’s a rainy day at the condo in Moab.  So what kinds of activities are there to do when the weather is not conducive to mountain biking or hiking? 

Well for starters there are lots of shops and restaurants in town.  One of our favorites is Fiesta Mexicana located on Main Street in the heart of Moab.  The food is consistently good and the portions are generous. 

Today my friends and I had lunch there and enjoyed a delicious feast.  I advised my guests that it’s best to order one of the combination plates and share it between 2 people.  So we did and were very pleased with the results.  D and T enjoyed the camarones in the chile verde sauce while my friend and I shared a 3 item combo.  The chicken enchilada, taco, chile relleno along with rice and beans was very tasty and filled us up! As much as I like cooking at the condo in Moab having a meal out is fun every now and then!

The margaritas are a house specialty and they are enormous, too.  My guess is they are at least 14 ounces.  So, don’t let the $9.99 price tag seem high as it’s a bargain considering you’re really getting 2 drinks in one glass.  Just ask for 2 straws and share it with a friend.

Now about those other activities…  Main Street in Moab is lined on both sides with all types of retail stores, restaurants, adventure travel companies, etc.  The Visitor Center is a great place to start and gather some information. 

As you wander down Main Street be sure to stop in and visit some of the art galleries.  You’ll find Native American jewelry and crafts, southwest style art and knick-knacks galore.  The colors in the art work and jewelry are just stunning.  You don’t need to spend a ton of money to buy a keepsake that will trigger pleasant memories after you return home.

There’s also a movie theatre with 3 screens, the Moab Aquatic Center and the Museum of Moab.  After dinner treat yourself to some ice cream at the Moab Diner & Ice Cream Parlor – 189 South Main Street.

condo in Moab and Arches NP
View From Inside the Entrance to Arches National Park