Condo In Moab Spring 2019

Visitors to the condo in Moab will want to be prepared for changeable weather this time of year.  Even though the days are getting longer and warmer there is still the potential for snow at the higher elevations in Canyonlands and Arches National Parks.  Moab itself is situated at a lower elevation and generally stays warmer.  We anticipate daytime highs in the 60s to low 70s with nighttime strapping into the 40s.

As the snow melts and the surrounding mountains it helps to increase the flows in all of the creeks and rivers.  Springtime is beautiful and the water can appear very refreshing on a warm day.  But be careful as creeks and rivers tend to be rather chilly this time of year.  Also, moving water can be stronger and swifter than it appears.  Never swim alone and use caution when crossing any body of water.

Wildflowers will start to appear over the next several weeks.  You won’t see endless meadows blooming like in the Sierras.  But scattered about especially in North facing or more shaded areas you will encounter the occasional profusion of color.  This fragile display of nature’s beauty is most prominent during the next couple of months before the summertime heat takes hold.

This is a wonderful time of year to go mountain biking.  The condo in Moab has an oversized two-car garage with plenty of room to store your bikes and all of your other gear.  The long pleasant days with moderate temperatures make for excellent writing conditions.  This year we are providing complementary water bottles to all of our guests at the condo in Moab.  Be sure to take one with you whenever you head out the door.

Don’t forget to use the discount card on the key ring when you go shopping at the City Market.  You’ll enjoy great savings throughout store!  If you don’t feel like cooking dinner in less than 5 minutes you can get to the Moab Brewery for tasty meals and delicious draft beer.