Condo In Moab Ides of March

It’s a great time of year to be at the condo in Moab!  Temperatures will be warming up into the 60s with sunny skies for the week ahead.  The snow has melted off and the trails are readily accessible in Arches National Park.  You may still find some patches of snow here and there in Canyonlands National Park due to its higher elevation.

Be careful when driving in Canyonlands.  There are a few shaded spots on the north facing aspects of the road that can ice up overnight if temperatures should drop below freezing.  One of the things to remember about the month of March is that the weather can vary dramatically in this part of the world.  While we don’t usually get much snow this time of year it can still be pretty chilly first thing in the morning.

Regardless of the time of year that you visit the condo in Moab it’s always good to bring clothing that you can wear in layers.  Temperatures can vary by as much as 50° in the course of a single day.

Don’t forget the sunblock when you step out the door at the condo in Moab!  In this part of the world there is not a lot of natural shade and out on the trails the trees can be few and far between.  Even though it might not seem like you’re up at altitude it’s likely that you are going to be between 4500 and 6500 vertical feet in elevation when visiting both national parks.  Also, the surrounding mountains go up to over 11,000 feet. Anyone traveling in the backcountry needs to be prepared for gyrations in the weather.

If you are planning to visit Arches National Park please be aware that the best time to arrive at the entrance station is before 9 AM or after 4 PM.  The access road in and out of the park is essentially one lane in each direction although you will find a fair number of turnouts.  However, traffic entering the park can back up for quite a distance and you could wait for an hour or more.

condo in Moab Balanced Rock
Balanced Rock – Arches National Park