Moab Lodging November 2020

Looking for Moab lodging in November? The coming month is shaping up nicely with about half the dates booked at the condo in Moab.   Sunny skies and daytime high temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s make this a beautiful time of year in southeast Utah.  Please keep in mind that even with the wide open spaces and great outdoors, social distancing and wearing masks are still very important when you are around other people.

There is a movement to turn the Mighty Five into the Mighty Six with the creation of a new National Park. Grand Staircase Escalante could potentially move up the food chain a notch and be granted National Park status if a piece of legislation in the works comes to fruition.

Many people love to do a trip across Arizona and Utah checking out the spectacular scenery. This is our favorite time of year due to the smaller crowds and the low angle of the sun. The colors are extremely vibrant from November through February. We don’t get very much snow in this part of the world. So, you can generally count on roads being open unless you are trying to travel over the La Sal Mountains in which case you are better off going around.

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One of our favorite things to do this time of year is the hike in Canyonlands National Park to the Grandview Overlook. There is hardly anyone on this relatively level trail in Autumn and Winter. The view just keeps getting better as you make your way out to the point. You can see vast stretches of Canyonlands from lots of different angles if you are willing to take short detours. What makes Moab lodging so special is the close proximity to so many great sights!

We did not get anywhere near the usual amount of monsoon moisture this past summer. It appears that the long term climate change forces could have a profound impact on both the native plants and wildlife. All forms of life in our microclimates in the desert Southwest have evolved in a way where they can adapt to long periods of drought followed by copious amounts of moisture in a short period of time. Upsetting that delicate balance could be potentially devastating for some species.

Condo In Moab - Day trip to Monument Valley
Condo In Moab – Day trip to Monument Valley