Condo In Moab Blog Mid-May

Things are starting to heat up at the condo in Moab.  Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park will be opening on May 29. Operations will be somewhat limited. The visitor centers will remain closed. Backcountry camping will be allowed in Canyonlands but not in Arches.  Also, the regular campgrounds will remain closed into the foreseeable future.

June is typically a very busy month at the condo in Moab. Last year it was booked about 80% of the time but right now there is good availability. However, we expect that to change as word gets out that the national parks will be reopening.

To make life easier the health department has given the okay for restaurants and retail shops to open up as long as they follow some fairly stringent guidelines. There will be limits in regards to occupancy levels so places won’t get crowded like in the past. We recommend that you buy food at the City Market and enjoy your meals at the condo in Moab. Or, have a picnic lunch at one of the many beautiful spots in this part of the world.

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There are lots of places to go for a walk and enjoy the red rock scenery without driving into the national parks. On the east side of Moab is an extensive stretch of BLM land along Sand Flats Rd. There are many places to park and wander off into the red rock scenery. Or, you can do some off roading, Just make sure you have a high clearance vehicle because the terrain in this part of the world can be unforgiving.

We are very excited that things are opening up again in Moab. Spring and fall are the best times of year to visit this part of the world. As always we recommend that you keep plenty of water with you when traveling in this environment. Unlike the Sierras and other mountainous regions water sources can be few and far between in the Moab area. Also, the snow is melting very rapidly in the La Sal Mountains and the seasonal creeks will be drying up pretty soon.

Condo in Moab - Colorado River View Hwy 128
Condo in Moab – Colorado River View Hwy 128