Condo In Moab is Open for Rental

April has really been a spectacular month at the condo in Moab! The weather has been beautiful with sunny days and a few high clouds. Moderate temperatures ranging from the high 60s to the mid 80s as the month wraps up have made it a wonderful time to be outdoors. I’ve been doing a fair amount of hiking and exploring new parts of red rock country.

Even though Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park are still closed, Grand County has decided to loosen up the restrictions for vacation rentals and hotels. So, I am going to be departing on May 3 as the first guests check in on May 6. There is a new requirement to have a 72 hour vacancy between departures and arrivals. This is to ensure that after the property is cleaned all viruses are completely killed and the next guest can be assured of a safe and comfortable stay.

If you would like to make reservations there is still some availability for May and June. Please make sure that your start date is three days after the departure date of the previous guest.

Here is a portion of the information from the health department memorandum pertaining to departures and arrivals:

72-Hour Rest Period:

All lodging facilities that provide a room or other rental (including a cabin, house, or unit) shall restrict access to each room or other rental from any person for a period of 72 hours after check-out of prior guests.

Cleaning staff may enter the room or rental after 24 hours if they have received supplies and training specific to personal protective measures and sanitation supplies pursuant to recommendations of the health department. The purpose of this 72-Hour Rest Period is based on scientific studies indicating that the COVID-19 virus can remain stable on certain surfaces for up to three (3) days (i.e.,72 hours).

Example Timeline – Guest checks out on Sunday at noon, room/rental is left alone for the rest of the day. On Monday afternoon cleaning services are provided if cleaning staff is appropriately trained and protected. On Wednesday afternoon the room/rental is available for new guests to check in.

condo in moab colorado river
Condo in Moab – Drive Along Hwy 128 and Colorado River