Moab Condo Blog 2/3/2020

After we get through a bit of stormy weather today at the Moab condo it looks like a nice sunny week ahead.  Check out the weather forecast

A good sized winter storm is making its way through the Intermountain West. However, only the southern end will clip the Moab area. So, after things clear off we will have clear sunny weather for the most part along with a few clouds interspersed here and there. Daytime temperatures will be in the 40s. When you put it all together it means a terrific time to see the beautiful colors at both Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.

Now I know what some of you are thinking. It’s way too cold to be wandering around red rock country. Well if you bundle up and have shoes with good traction (or wear) ice trekkers you can make your way to most of the sites without too much difficulty. You won’t have to fight the crowds; in many places you might have a nice stretch of the park all to yourself.

At the Moab condo we are doing the annual heavy cleaning of the entire property. This means moving all of the furniture and getting into all of the nooks and crannies to make the place sparkling clean for the first arrivals of 2020. We pride ourselves on having a terrific housekeeping staff. So, if you ever find anything amiss please contact our property manager immediately and they will set things right pronto.

Reservations are starting to fill up for the spring of 2020. If you are thinking of coming anytime between March and the end of June now is the time to book the Moab condo. Some of the prime weeks are already taken.
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Don’t forget to bring your laptop or tablet when you come to the Moab condo. We have a really fast Wi-Fi connection!  So, you can stay connected or disconnected, whatever your mood.

Moab Condo Trip - Grand Canyon on the way to Canyonlands NP
Moab Condo Trip – Grand Canyon on the way to Canyonlands NP