There are a couple of restaurants that we really like and have found to be consistently good.  During the peak months you may need to make reservations well in advance for the more crowded places. 

The condo has a discount card for the local supermarket attached to the keys, so you can get local prices at the store anytime.  We recommend that you eat breakfast at the condo in Moab and pack lunch, snacks and beverages in a cooler to take with you for the day.  The breakfast places tend to get jammed with visitors most mornings from March to November and it can set back your schedule by an hour or more.


Moab Diner
189 South Main Street – Moab, Utah

Hands down the best place to eat breakfast in Moab.  Hearty portions of good quality food and a friendly staff.    You can get lunch and dinner, too.  But this is our stalwart when it comes to getting the day started.


City Market
425 South Main Street
Moab, Utah

Huge variety of food to make whatever your heart desires for lunch. They have a great bakery and deli and can pack sandwiches and side dishes for you.  Or, just wander the aisles and put together your own picnic. Extensive produce section with an ever expanding variety of organic foods. 

Fiesta Mexicana
202 South Main Street
Moab, Utah

Consistently good Mexican food, very large portions, consider sharing and maybe getting 1 appetizer for 2people.  The combination plates are tasty and a good value.  Giant margaritas, 2can sip from the same large glass and be satisfied.  Very conscientious staff, if something is not right tell them and they will fix it. 


Moab Brewery
686 South Main Street
Moab, Utah

The only microbrewery in Moab and it’s a good one!  Very reasonably priced food, large portions, generally good service except when it’s crazy busy.  Huge selection of beers on tap, in cans and bottles. 

Desert Bistro
36 South  100 West
Moab, Utah

There is a lot of very average food in Moab and eating out can seem like a chore at dinner time.  During busy times of year it’s better to have a bbq or some other form of supper at the condo.  But, if you’re going to splurge make reservations (don’t just show up) at the Desert Bistro.  Top notch food and service just a block off the main drag.  You’ll pay a few dollars more than at the other ho-hum restaurants along Main Street, but for the food and atmosphere it’s worth it!